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About Yellow Pages Joint Stock Company

Yellow Pages is a leading information and integrated media company. It plays a catalytic role in bridging buyers and sellers by providing directory advertising services via print and electronic model, in local and overseas markets.

Its principal activities include the publishing and distribution of the Vietnam Yellow Pages Guide and advertisement sales.

Addressing the needs of today's advertisers and users for multiple plate forms of directory search, Yellow Pages offers related products and services including the online version of Vietnam Yellow Pages - Internet Yellow Pages ( and CD-ROM search.

Our business mission is to become the directory service of choice providing information to buyers and sellers wherever we operate. We provide value for our customers and users by generating business leads and providing information and purchasing solutions. To meet the changing demands of our customers and users we will take advantage of new technologies and communication methods. This will allow us to continue to provide value to our stakeholders and our people, as well as to our advertisers and users.

We believe in developing and empowering our people and we have built a culture of continuous improvement. We set ourselves high standards and we have a strong cultural identity. We value our customers and users highly and are committed to providing them with products and services of the highest standards. Our environment is important and we believe in making a positive contribution to the communities in which we work. Our philosophy is based on excellence and as we expand our business we will continue to improve our service levels and efficiency.